Cone 6 Tests 10-8-03

I tested these recipes, among others - Woo Yellow; Kaki ( with a gerstley Borate wash), Shocking Shino, Bailey^6 Shino, ^6Oribe, Waterfall Brown, Berry Rust with John Post revision of Tom Bucks revision of Cream Breaking Red, Charcoal Satin, and Andie's Red/Brown. Just finished a studio sale and have two shows coming up, and had a trip to Japan and a really sick dog in between, so my notes on these recipes/sources are disorganized. As soon as I can sort them out I'll post the appropriate recipes, or reference sources. Fired to tip on 7, with 100F/hr cool from 1900-1500F.


Berry Rust w/ John Post CreamBreakingRed over and Licorice brushwork.



Charcoal Satin

I love this glaze from John Hesselberth's site. Has depth and a very pleasant feel. recipe


From Elizabeth Hewitt. I know lots of folks have tested this combo- I like it a lot- my tests all had this sort of mahogany look. recipe

Shocking Shino

Got this from the archives- (William Edwards)--It's not shino here, but it's really nice.




John Post's CBR revision
RR Licorice on rim


Shocking Shino


Waterfall Brown
A little thin, I guess, but I'm nearly there.

Bailey Shino

I don't remember where I got this- archives probably.

This is my favorite matt from all the tests.

probably should be applied a little thicker.recipe

Woo Yellow

This is a strontium version- usually fire this in reduction and it's a little more buttery; this is kind of dry. Good color, though.


Andie's Red/Brown

This is great- brown/black with deep plum highlights and nice breaking on the edges.



Cone six Oribe- pretty cool in the washy, translucent old timey oribe sense. A little shiny for me in this firing.    recipe